How to Manage Clients

How to Manage Clients

Clients are awesome but like all human interactions, they require effort to go smoothly. 

Luckily, there are robots and marketing to automate it. 

In this video I cover the key parts of a happy, profitable, and drama-free client relationship. 

Click here to watch it on YouTube. 

Engineering an excellent client experience is an important part of our Be Booked Out™ method.

Clients remember feelings first and results second so you want to engineer an experience that makes them feel VIP.


This is where all happy client relationships start! You want to make sure your onboarding is fast, smooth, and easy. 

If you don't onboard your clients properly they'll get angsty, anxious, and doubtful.

So what is onboarding? 

It's the whole process you take from the moment they click the 'buy now' button your sales page to the first time you talk with them. 

(Remember, your process shouldn't include a consult call, proposal or endless back and forth emails before getting paid.)

What should it look like?

- They click the 'buy now' button.

- They get an email with a welcome PDF, invoice, contract link, intake questionnaire, and what to expect.

- (OPTIONAL) They schedule their first call with you. 

- You get an email with all their important information in your inbox including payment in your bank account. 

All while you're drinking coffee!



You need to get out of your email and keep all of the package details into one place.

Where should you put the emails, tasks, deadlines, comments, and files?

In a project management system! 

I recommend Trelloor Asanato get started! 

You can create a project template, then duplicate it every time a new client comes in, update the due dates and BOOM! You're good to go. 

Tip: Make the first task for your client to watch a video walkthrough of the app so they know how to use it. 

Part of what makes a client relationship go well is early and often communication! 

It doesn't have to be long emails but rather a simple quick email to let them key updates. 

Things like repeating that deadlines have been moved out due to X, your vacation is coming up, you're sick, you're still waiting on X before you can move ahead. 

I recommend putting these things in writing so you have a record of it.

I only recommend calling when the client is super upset/angry to listen to them vent but putting the way forward in an email so you have a record of it.



2/3rds of the way through your working relationship you should be sending the client an upsell or cross-sell package.

We talk about this a lot in Be Booked Out but you should have a way for them to keep working with you before you finish. Your current clients WANT to keep working with you PLUS this creates more profit for you.

At the very end:

You'll send an exit questionnaire to capture their results.

You'll then send them an email saying "It's been great working together, here are the results/progress you've made."

You'll ask them for a testimonial and they can use that data as part of their testimonial!

One of the key things I see people not doing is not following up with past clients. This is where wildfire word of mouth happens! They WANT to hear from you and it doesn't have to take long.

Send them a quick email saying:

"Hey you!
How you doing?"

That's it! 

Once you set all of this up, it'll run without you! That means you can spend more time napping, make more income, or just watch Hulu. 

Our Be Booked Out students find that having this set up makes working with the 3-12 clients they need super easy.


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