How to Get Your First Coaching Client Online in 3 Steps



Your first coaching client is the most strenuous and MAGICAL of clients because more often than not you’ve been fumbling blindly to get someone, ANYONE to sign up then BOOM! They sign up and your life is full of smizes (eye smiles).

You’ve been trying to ‘sell’ your free sessions, free website design, free courses and getting no clients.

You write, promote, and hustle hard but nada, zip, zero.

You don’t want to raise your prices since no one is buying and getting more word-of-mouth requires at least ONE client so what to do, what to do with you?

Truth slap – break up with FREE. 

Free is the enemy of knowing whether something is worth selling.  

Every time someone comes to me saying they can’t even sell their free stuff, I tell them to put a price tag on it. When a client is asked to pay for your services they instantly value it WAY more then when it was free. That’s because our brains associate higher value with higher price points (even if it’s the same thing for a higher price – check out #5 + the turquoise jewelry case study).

Adding a price onto your services isn’t enough to bring in Coaching Client #1 though, you need to do these three steps to make it happen.


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Step 1: Being helpful up close

The problem most people have with their blog advice is that it’s too vague which means it swings and misses whenever a new reader shows up. So you’re going to go into FB groups, Twitter chats, Persicopes, and webinars and give super SPECIFIC advice to every person who asks you a question.

Where are the clients at?

The best way to connect with them is to get to know them in their natural habitat. This is why knowing WHO you’re targeting is vital because if they’re an online business owner maybe they’re in business FB groups, if they’re a mom on the run maybe they watch Scopes in the car, if they’re a teenager then master Snapchat.

My favorite FB groups to get started making friends (and future clients) is Caitlin Bacher‘s, and Being Boss.

How to find the right place: if you’re not sure where your peeps are hanging then you’re targeting the wrong person. Take a look at who you already know (and chat with) online and make services for them.

How to make it work: go in, ask questions, LISTEN, answer other people’s questions, make friends.

Step 2: Write a compelling sales page 

You NEED to master writing sales pages (the marketing way) because they turn strangers into clients. This one page is the keystone to making profit online. It allows you to test your service and package ideas quickly and effectively. I often will come up with a new service and have it up on my website within 24 hours. It can create thousands of dollars in new client work if written right.

Sales pages allow you to test (and make money) within 24 hours! 

Worried you need a super polished website before you can get that #1 client? Don’t be. Great sales pages are the shortcut to a gorgeous website.

Three things your sales page needs to have:

  1. Specifics that hit your target client in the outside ovaries.
  2. A clear step-by-step process that makes them more comfy with giving you their money.
  3. Big ass buy now buttons.

Step 3: Ask friends/family/peers to share it. 

There’s no shame in asking for help online especially if you’re the sorta person who gives heaps of help/support/value before asking (ahem, step 1).

By asking for help you invoke the feeling of usefulness, and helpfulness in the peeps around you (again only works if you filled up the friend bank first). PLUS, people like DOING favors more than receiving them, it engenders positive feelings towards you.

Ask for help but make it EASY to help you, use Click to Tweet so it’s only one click of effort for them.

How to ask for help: Add this blurb to a FB group and your custom Click to Tweet links. 

“Hey! I’m super pumped about my new package but I need help getting the word out there. If you could spare a share, I’d really appreciate it.

  • Click to Tweet link
  • Click to Tweet link
  • Click to Tweet link

Thank you so much in advance!”

The strategy: by asking for the share vs the sale you allow people to engage with your offering. I find that the majority of your clients will come from the people you’re asking to help share it.

Once you have that first sweet coaching client in the door then you can start getting booked out. I find that you need to get paid to do the work first before knowing if this is the right business model for you.  It’s standard to keep evolving your coaching practice till you find the perfect mix of what you find easy to do with what people will pay you to do for them.

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