Courses vs Clients: Which Way to Full Time Income Fast?


I love tiny goats. Their tiny pitter patter. Their cashmere coats. Their stylish pajamas.

I would love to have 10 ripping and rollicking thru my apartment. Filling it full of audible joy and four-footed backflips but then reality barges in, and the following becomes transparent:

  • After 10 minutes, my apartment would be broken and full of surprisingly large goat pellets.
  • I’d spend 23 hours and 15 minutes a day having to dodge eeny weeny goat heads trying to bust my shins.
  • 10 mature billy goats in 500 square feet is not the synonym for a good time.

Even though the internet makes you believe tiny goats are the only thing you need – everlasting joy, heart-explosions, and soft petting – it’s setting you up for failure.

Same thing goes with courses and passive income. You read about how money should flow in via funnels, large chunks at a time, covered in chocolate while you work on your caramelization in the sun.

It’s bullshit.

You’re reading advanced advice that you’re not ready for (yet) since you can’t even sell your services, which sucks to hear because your parents told you you could be an astronaut but time to check yourself – you’re Earth-bound – stop eating expensive freeze-dried ice cream and let’s put you back on track.

If you want to make good money online quickly then you need to be selling services. 


Learn how to sell your smarts online in an effective way so you can make your full time business dream a reality.

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Because you can start making money with your services within hours from a well-written sales page whereas with courses you need years of audience-building, and thousands of dollars invested before you see that cold hard cha-ching in your bank account.

That’s the real real, right now you could launch a whole new package in a few hours and start selling spots, generating anything between $1,000 – $18,000 of recurring client revenue for your business in a COUPLE OF DAYS.

That’s it, that’s how accessible services are. They’re right THERE.

To make that same amount of dollars, you’d need to spend at LEAST 2 years audience building, 2 weeks testing product ideas, 2 months promoting and launching your idea, then 8 weeks writing your product.

You’d need (bare minimum) – 4 months, 100 perfect people on your list and a $297 price point to hit a $1,000 with your course. How come? Because most online course creators are stuck at a 2% conversion rate due to their less than inspired marketing strategies.

Math is a bitch and we’re always looking for new ways to gain her favor when it comes to marketing.

Truth smack: if you can't sell services you can't sell courses. 

Save your money, make some $$$ and start with services.

The progression you NEED to be taking with your online business is:

Start selling services > build your audience up > offer your premiere program

That’s the most profitable and viable version of making online.

When you try to skip ahead you end up cockblocking your money-making before it started.

It's like you adopt your tiny goats before having a farm or backyard.

We all want to find the MOST effective way to use our minutes, cash in on our smarts, and add another day off to our week.

The solution? Services.

Stop dicking around with digital products, you need to focus on services first. 

Let’s get you months of clients signed, sealed and delivered to your digital doorstep!


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