Stop the Circle-Jerk

aving peeps in the same industry as you is tremendous. They level you out, commiserate and add a new layer of perspective. I am 100% for it.

But for god’s sake, please stop the circle jerk of words.

This is when you get so hyped up with your peer-to-peer talk that you start writing like that on your website:

“Live big, live better, live GRANDE.”

“Drop the excuses and fall into the center of your gooey being.”

“A beautiful UX-friendly design is the only way to go.”

“Never fear, our heart-centered copywriting course will set your soul free.”

“Coaching for the adventurous and daredevils!”

“Marketing that attracts your best-fit client.”

This is a word circle jerk.

You get jazzed up on these terms you use with your coaching/code/biz peeps because they make you all so excited that you don’t stop to think… “Have I heard this before?”

And… “Do I sound like everyone else?”

Instead, the same words go up and no sales come in.

I can’t stand by and watch anymore.

Here’s what you’re going to do – you need to be tangible and specific about how you’re going to improve other people’s lives. 

Drop the emotive language where you talk about feelings + aspirations in long winding paragraphs (it’s ok in short bursts)- which really is only pleasuring yourself – and think…

  1. Why would my (super valuable) fan who has limited time on this Earth give a shit?
  2. What would make them happier or richer and what would that look like?

“Live bigger, better, GRANDE.” —> “Have that ticket to Zurich in your pocket and ask the cute barista boy out.”

“Drop the excuses and fall into the center of your gooey being” —> “Stop dicking around on the internet at 2am and finally start going to that 6am yoga class again.”

“A beautiful UX-friendly design is the only way to go.” —> “New readers will stop setting their laptops on fire after the painful ugliness of your website.”

“Never fear, our heart-centered copywriting course will set your soul free.” —> “Remember that coworker who always has the last putdown? Never lack a comeback.”

“Coaching for the adventurous and daredevils!” —> “When other people are researching 401Ks and talking about mortgages you’re researching the best hostels in Brazil.”

“Marketing that attracts your best-fit client.” —> “Consider yourself free of clients that fit the following: A. late with payments B. show up 15 minutes late C. don’t think you’re hilarious D. disbelieve that you’re a genius.”

(Hint: You can have the emotive talk but it needs to be 20% to 80% tangible, specifics. Tough love cuz you’re worth it.)

 Get specific and stop yanking it.

The #1 Mistake All Client-Based Businesses are Making (and How to Fix It)



Online business is like the Wild Wild West (not the one made of animatronics) because the rules out here are loose, fast, and if treated wrong, deadly (to your profits).

You’ve set up your storefront and been polishing your sign (or running around in circles freaking) because where the fuck are the clients?

Grab a tumbleweed and sit down.

Here’s the one BIG mistake I see all client-based businesses making. 

Not launching their services.

You need to LAUNCH your services to get the high-paying clients in your doors and get booked out. 

Don’t wait for the clients to come to you, bring them to you with your words.


That’s the key factor that’s allowed me to grow – double, then quadruple – my business over the years. From anything between 2k of sessions in 72 hours to 36k of clients in 2 weeks, launches have the ability to fill up your business for months in advance.

The average Jo/Joy/Joe doesn’t care about your packages. It’s your job to make the right peeps give a shit with your marketing.

A launch educates and excites your potential clients to make buying a pleasure. 


What is a launch?

It’s a dedicated set of blog posts/Instagram posts/newsletter emails/etc over a specific period of time with one goal: to sell a certain number of your coaching/design/copywriting packages.

How the eff do I launch my services?

  • Launch your most expensive/top-level service first.

Buying a $$$ package becomes so much easier once they’ve gotten stirred up about the $$$$ package. Always go from high to low when presenting your offers.

  • Decide on the length of your launch.

I’ve had equal success with short (72 hours) and long launches (2 weeks) when it comes to services. For higher level services I’d recommend starting with the 2-week launch to get your feet wet.

  • Remember who you’re talking to.

Your top-level service is for a different person then your entry-level offer. Remember how those two clients are different and how you’ve created something to fit their different wants. You’re going to use that in your content.

  • Engineer the content.

Content = social media posts, blog posts, videos, cartoons, etc. All of these need to work together to answer the following:

  1. How will this change your client’s business/life?
  2. How could they take the first step without you?
  3. Will it work for them? Have you done this?
  4. What should they expect?
  5. Why’d you put it together this way?
  6. What’s the big picture they need to see?

The fundamental role of all your posts/videos is to lower hesitations and resolve obstacles for the person buying. You need to step into their Hannibal Lector snack and see the world from their eyes.

  • Sales page.

Each offer should have its own sales page. That helps to keep the reader’s focus and increase the likelihood of them buying it.

  • Tell them.

All of this extraordinary learning they’re doing is worthless without wrapping it up with what they should do next. Examples are: ‘Pop your email in and I’ll send you a free workbook’, ‘Click here to secure your spot’, ‘Go here to learn more.’ The human brain loves being told what to do because it makes the decision-making process easier – yes or no.

  • Get your tech sorted.

My fave way of selling services is Satori + my website. Satori allows you to set up packages (vs ## of calls) and it’ll take care of the scheduling, payments, contracts, call reminders, questionnaires with one click. I copy/paste the button code, slap it on my sales page, and I’m good to sell.

  • Schedule it.

All this work can be done ahead of time, that way you show up to answer questions and do scopes live to let people know about it. Definitely schedule the social media content in advance for sanity’s sake.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or how long you’ve been in business, you gotta launch. I go into greater detail about launching your packages (you can unlock that here).

Launching your packages is a crucial part of my method for getting you booked in advance.


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How to Get Your First Coaching Client Online in 3 Steps



Your first coaching client is the most strenuous and MAGICAL of clients because more often than not you’ve been fumbling blindly to get someone, ANYONE to sign up then BOOM! They sign up and your life is full of smizes (eye smiles).

You’ve been trying to ‘sell’ your free sessions, free website design, free courses and getting no clients.

You write, promote, and hustle hard but nada, zip, zero.

You don’t want to raise your prices since no one is buying and getting more word-of-mouth requires at least ONE client so what to do, what to do with you?

Truth slap – break up with FREE. 

Free is the enemy of knowing whether something is worth selling.  

Every time someone comes to me saying they can’t even sell their free stuff, I tell them to put a price tag on it. When a client is asked to pay for your services they instantly value it WAY more then when it was free. That’s because our brains associate higher value with higher price points (even if it’s the same thing for a higher price – check out #5 + the turquoise jewelry case study).

Adding a price onto your services isn’t enough to bring in Coaching Client #1 though, you need to do these three steps to make it happen.


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Step 1: Being helpful up close

The problem most people have with their blog advice is that it’s too vague which means it swings and misses whenever a new reader shows up. So you’re going to go into FB groups, Twitter chats, Persicopes, and webinars and give super SPECIFIC advice to every person who asks you a question.

Where are the clients at?

The best way to connect with them is to get to know them in their natural habitat. This is why knowing WHO you’re targeting is vital because if they’re an online business owner maybe they’re in business FB groups, if they’re a mom on the run maybe they watch Scopes in the car, if they’re a teenager then master Snapchat.

My favorite FB groups to get started making friends (and future clients) is Caitlin Bacher‘s, and Being Boss.

How to find the right place: if you’re not sure where your peeps are hanging then you’re targeting the wrong person. Take a look at who you already know (and chat with) online and make services for them.

How to make it work: go in, ask questions, LISTEN, answer other people’s questions, make friends.

Step 2: Write a compelling sales page 

You NEED to master writing sales pages (the marketing way) because they turn strangers into clients. This one page is the keystone to making profit online. It allows you to test your service and package ideas quickly and effectively. I often will come up with a new service and have it up on my website within 24 hours. It can create thousands of dollars in new client work if written right.

Sales pages allow you to test (and make money) within 24 hours! 

Worried you need a super polished website before you can get that #1 client? Don’t be. Great sales pages are the shortcut to a gorgeous website.

Three things your sales page needs to have:

  1. Specifics that hit your target client in the outside ovaries.
  2. A clear step-by-step process that makes them more comfy with giving you their money.
  3. Big ass buy now buttons.

Step 3: Ask friends/family/peers to share it. 

There’s no shame in asking for help online especially if you’re the sorta person who gives heaps of help/support/value before asking (ahem, step 1).

By asking for help you invoke the feeling of usefulness, and helpfulness in the peeps around you (again only works if you filled up the friend bank first). PLUS, people like DOING favors more than receiving them, it engenders positive feelings towards you.

Ask for help but make it EASY to help you, use Click to Tweet so it’s only one click of effort for them.

How to ask for help: Add this blurb to a FB group and your custom Click to Tweet links. 

“Hey! I’m super pumped about my new package but I need help getting the word out there. If you could spare a share, I’d really appreciate it.

  • Click to Tweet link
  • Click to Tweet link
  • Click to Tweet link

Thank you so much in advance!”

The strategy: by asking for the share vs the sale you allow people to engage with your offering. I find that the majority of your clients will come from the people you’re asking to help share it.

Once you have that first sweet coaching client in the door then you can start getting booked out. I find that you need to get paid to do the work first before knowing if this is the right business model for you.  It’s standard to keep evolving your coaching practice till you find the perfect mix of what you find easy to do with what people will pay you to do for them.

I can teach you to get months of clients booked in advance and lining up to work with you! 

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The Top Ten Things to Do After Being Booked Out


The after-effects of getting booked out are various and splendiferous. You laugh more, chaos turns into clarity and holy wow, you sleep like a rock. But what do you do after you’re booked out?

After the hustle of getting booked out 3, 6 or 12 months in advance the task list can seem a little bare.

Here are the top ten things you should do once you’ve achieved that sugary delight of being booked out.

Life after THE CHANGE (AKA being booked out):

1. Celebrate
I don’t mean a tiny glass of gin, now is the time to reconnect with your friends and family that you’ve probably been too busy to spend time with. Buy the first round of drinks and let them know you’re celebrating your new found status.

Pro-tip: do this with your biggest supporters and peeps who tell the world how awesome you are. Show your thanks by buying the first round of burritos and gin.

(Are they half a world away? A digital thank-you card or e-gift card is always appreciated.)

2. Care
Make sure to let your past clients know that there will always be a place in your heart (and scheduler) for them. Schedule in monthly emails to check in on how they’re doing. Send them postcards. Make the time to show you care. This not only encourages a positive relationship but also helps when you’re looking for new clients again. (Past buyers are future buyers.)

3. Reinvest
The sweet satisfaction of buying a new laptop or signing up for a website rebrand or hiring a systems person to help you streamline things is incomparable. Feel like a REAL adult and tell the internet, “I’m a BALLER NOW!”

4. Prepare
Take a look at when the booked out status is going to run dry and make sure to start planning and preparing a month or so in advance for re-launching or filling up your client spots. Nothing worse than living on Cloud 9 only to find out that you forgot to fill it up.


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5. Expand
Make your life easier when you have to fill up your spots by taking the time now to grow your audience. Run webinars, host Twitter chats, jump on Periscope, create new opt-ins, give back to the internet to grow your following.

6. Cultivate
By being booked out, you’re going to have a wait-list to start working with you. Have a private, earlier launch to these specific people because they’re showing lots of interest. Make sure to give them something fun, free and special for being on the wait-list in between your spots opening.

7. Raise
That’s right. You’re in demand, overlord, which means you can raise your rates now. Consider this your level-up moment! Let everyone know your rates are increasing and if you have a couple of one-off spaces give them a chance to buy them.

Nothing gets people as excited like a deadline.

8. Sleep
Ahhhh, the sleep of the booked out is one of the finest things in life. Sayonara, 2am money-stress wake-ups!

9. Play
When you’re hustling hard, fun gets bumped to the back like a dude at a ‘girl’s night’ bar line. What’s a hobby you haven’t done in a while or even better, one you haven’t tried yet? Time to discover what you enjoy doing outside of business and hustling. It’s a good time to take a long weekend away as well, you’ve earned it.

10. Learn
Time to do development work on yourself. Is there a skill you’ve been putting off to launch your new thing? Has a new social media platform emerged that you wanna play with? By figuring out how to be client catnip, book out your business, time to improve your skills for them and you.

Make YOUR clients (and your bank account) HAPPY

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How I Went From Inconsistent Clients to Booked Out 12 Months in Advance

Making sure you’re booked out months in advance is super stressful when you’re already overwhelmed with your current client work.

I get it.

For the past few years, I’ve been consistently booked out at least 6-12 months at a time. I know it sounds like a mega-brag, but it certainly didn’t start out that way.

(You are not alone!)

Story time, friends. Come sit close to my whiskey breath like your dear old grandpa.

When I first left my full-time gig and branched out on my own, I thought I was set. I had 5 high paying clients locked in for VIP days as a marketing strategist. Solid start!

I thought they would keep booking themselves so sat back and focused on working on my clients' work.

Half-way through the month, I realized I had ZERO clients booked for next month.

All of a sudden I was fumbling around in a hamster wheel of tactics trying to find new clients while getting my work done. All too often I ended up fucking up in one area, or worse, letting down a client.

My hustling was never ending and exhausting.

This is something that I not only see happening for my Be Booked Out students before they sign up, but I also see it all over internet.

There’s honestly just not enough time in the day to work with clients, get client work done, AND make sure you have enough clients lined up for next month.

You’ll end up burning yourself out.

The way to avoid this is to set a marketing system in place and structure your business for success right now.



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Bring gin. It's gonna be a boozy doozy.


I could get my clients booked out, but I wasn't at the time. So I had to sit myself down and do the hard things I'd been avoiding. 

The key things I had overlooked to do for myself that I was doing for my clients:

I wasn’t packaging services up strategically.
You need to have multiple packages available that basically sell each other. You don’t want to combine all of your services into one shiny package and give all the goods away at once.

That might get you one sale from each client, but if you separate them, it's easier for you and you make more profit per client. 

More importantly, the client is happier buying separate packages because they know what result to expect. Vague results = unhappy clients. 

My sales page wasn't capturing clients
This is a Seinfeld joke- everybody’s super excited to buy food when they’re hungry, but after they’ve eaten at a restaurant the food no longer has the same value right? Because you’re full.

Same goes with services.

Your services are far more valuable before the work is executed. Once they’re complete, they lose their shiny value.

So you always want to make sure you get paid upfront like a drug dealer. 

I wasn’t strategically booking packages for a longer period of time.
I was selling myself short. Booking clients for 10-20 hours on jobs that would realistically take me 35 hours to accomplish. Booking out more time will only help you, and if you finish your tasks ahead of schedule, sweet! It’s time to treat yourself.

Fuck VIP days when you're a newbie/have a small audience.
VIP days sound nice, but you’ll end up giving all the goods away. Your client gets all of your hard work in one day, and then they lose interest in coming back, because you've give them a shit ton of value but zero results.

They basically get a massive TO-DO list from you and feel overwhelmed. 

Clients just want results, not more work.

In the end I figured out what I needed to structure, and developed a strategic method. I used the same method over and over AGAIN and realized that’s what my business was missing all along to guarantee work and success.

That’s the key with a PROVEN method, is that it SHOULD work, no matter the type of business.

You can see that with my clients below they all got booked out and they're all in DIFFERENT industries.


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Courses vs Clients: Which Way to Full Time Income Fast?


I love tiny goats. Their tiny pitter patter. Their cashmere coats. Their stylish pajamas.

I would love to have 10 ripping and rollicking thru my apartment. Filling it full of audible joy and four-footed backflips but then reality barges in, and the following becomes transparent:

  • After 10 minutes, my apartment would be broken and full of surprisingly large goat pellets.
  • I’d spend 23 hours and 15 minutes a day having to dodge eeny weeny goat heads trying to bust my shins.
  • 10 mature billy goats in 500 square feet is not the synonym for a good time.

Even though the internet makes you believe tiny goats are the only thing you need – everlasting joy, heart-explosions, and soft petting – it’s setting you up for failure.

Same thing goes with courses and passive income. You read about how money should flow in via funnels, large chunks at a time, covered in chocolate while you work on your caramelization in the sun.

It’s bullshit.

You’re reading advanced advice that you’re not ready for (yet) since you can’t even sell your services, which sucks to hear because your parents told you you could be an astronaut but time to check yourself – you’re Earth-bound – stop eating expensive freeze-dried ice cream and let’s put you back on track.

If you want to make good money online quickly then you need to be selling services. 


Learn how to sell your smarts online in an effective way so you can make your full time business dream a reality.

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Because you can start making money with your services within hours from a well-written sales page whereas with courses you need years of audience-building, and thousands of dollars invested before you see that cold hard cha-ching in your bank account.

That’s the real real, right now you could launch a whole new package in a few hours and start selling spots, generating anything between $1,000 – $18,000 of recurring client revenue for your business in a COUPLE OF DAYS.

That’s it, that’s how accessible services are. They’re right THERE.

To make that same amount of dollars, you’d need to spend at LEAST 2 years audience building, 2 weeks testing product ideas, 2 months promoting and launching your idea, then 8 weeks writing your product.

You’d need (bare minimum) – 4 months, 100 perfect people on your list and a $297 price point to hit a $1,000 with your course. How come? Because most online course creators are stuck at a 2% conversion rate due to their less than inspired marketing strategies.

Math is a bitch and we’re always looking for new ways to gain her favor when it comes to marketing.

Truth smack: if you can't sell services you can't sell courses. 

Save your money, make some $$$ and start with services.

The progression you NEED to be taking with your online business is:

Start selling services > build your audience up > offer your premiere program

That’s the most profitable and viable version of making online.

When you try to skip ahead you end up cockblocking your money-making before it started.

It's like you adopt your tiny goats before having a farm or backyard.

We all want to find the MOST effective way to use our minutes, cash in on our smarts, and add another day off to our week.

The solution? Services.

Stop dicking around with digital products, you need to focus on services first. 

Let’s get you months of clients signed, sealed and delivered to your digital doorstep!


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